Isofan Marine 2k Basecoat Metallic

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2K metallic, pearl or solid matt base coat for the Yachting industry and can be over coated with Clear Coat.
Manufactured using high quality resins. ISOFAN MARINE series clearcoats assure the highest levels of weather
resistance and workability. Its balanced composition produces the best uniformity (no clouding) and makes this finish
especially suitable for the professional painting of large surfaces in Yacht, Super Yacht and Marine industry.                                                      Characteristics
· Easy to apply
· Very good overspray absorption
· Patch- and stripe-free
· Very good durability against the marine environment (when using ISOFAN MARINE clear coats)
· High opacity power
· High coverage                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Colour
Available in the standard colour ranges Yachting Colour Master and Yachting colour selection pastello and effec